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Please check back for the final rating at a later date.Contains expressions of sexual relations and/or sexual activity.Our eight adventurers take a third shuttle and follow Corak and Sheltem. When the heroes get there, they release Corak, and the two confront each other.Sheltem safely landed on Xeen (Xylonite Experimental Environment Nacelle), but Corak does not appear to land as safely. Sheltem has grown much bigger and stronger over time, and it seems that Sheltem will win.Sheltem escaped by a magic portal and has landed on CRON (Central Research Observational Nacelle). My sensors indicate that the main ship passed through the atmosphere of the other side of the world and burned up, but not before safely beaming the Terran natives to the surface.Sheltem has driven it off of its course and hurls it toward the sun. Corak's escape pod landed in lava and is stuck there. A new party of adventurers is formed with a vision of peace to defeat a new undead calling himself Lord Xeen, dwelling in the Clouds of Xeen, a world in Xeen's sky.Usually used to designate games that may scare children, the Fright icon might not be found on frightening games outside of lower age ratings, even in games that fall into the Horror genre.) Contains criminal activity, either by depiction or in interactive form.(Possibly includes illegal activity, dangerous and unlawful behavior, abusive behavior, prostitution, rape, organized crime, and other criminal acts.) The CERO age rating and content descriptor icons are trademarks of the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization.

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The eight heroes that were lost in the void from Might and Magic III make a reappearace and undergo a schism; four of the heroes are looking to rebuild the heavenly forge from the time of the Ancients, and the other four are looking to rebuild the portal that will reconnect them with the Ancients, post-dating the Silence.Known for their depth and often packing narrative, there are plenty of offerings on i OS. Twice now you have defeated my tests, thinking yourself worthy of invading my world. The malfunctioning Guardian's rebellion came to a head on the world of Xeen, when Corak, assisted by the dragon pharaoh and a band of native adventurers, successfully apprehended and cornered Sheltem in Castle Alamar.Titles rated with this mark have not yet been rated, as they are not yet complete in production and have not yet been evaluated by CERO.Programs marked in this manner may or may not be appropriate for all ages.

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